HitPredict contains:
  • 49071 proteins from 9 species
  • 239584 interactions
  • 168458 (70%) high confidence interactions

The charts below provide a detailed breakdown of the interactions in HitPredict based on their source, type and species.

HitPredict assesses the confidence levels of all the interactions and assigns a reliability score (likelihood ratio). Interactions with a likelihood > 1, or those that are directly observed in small-scale experiments, are considered to be high confidence.
The graphs below show the prevalence of predicted spurious (false) interactions present in the data obtained from different databases and for different species.
The prevalence of low confidence interactions in each data source does not reflect the overall accuracy of these data sources, but that of the interactions which were used in HitPredict.

The bar charts below show the number and percetage of predicted high-confidence interactions in large high-throughput experiments having more than 1000 interactions per experiment published from 2000-2009.

Last updated: 1 May 2012